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Wash Me Mobile Detailing San Diego, California. # 1 choice for quality service. We make it our first priority to ensure all of our customers needs are met.

Whether you are looking for a full body wash, or a full detail, Wash Me Mobile Detailing is the place for you. We offer competitve pricing and use a full array of the top detailing products on the market to guarantee a flawless wash for a great price.

  • Why detail ? Everyday, our cars are exposed to hazardous weather conditions that can severely damage your paint if left untreated. By detailing your vehicle with Wash Me Mobile Detailing’s services, you will prevent paint damage that accumulates over time so your car will maintain a nice new shine. Our interior detailing service helps prevent allergens and dust build up. Just like your home, it can be hazardous for someone to be exposed to these toxins. It’s important to keep the interior environment of your vehicle clean and fresh for your overall health and to maintain the value of your car.
  • Why choose a Mobile Detailer ? The best benefit of choosing our Mobile service is that you can set an appointment and a detailer will be dispatched to take care of your detailing needs at any location. Our detailers focus on quality and timely service so your vehicle will not only be completed conveniently, the job will be just as good if not better than if done at a Dealership. If you are looking to save, you can avoid the large fees Dealerships charge. Our prices are competitive and we offer all the detail packages a Dealership would provide.

Love your car again: Don’t get rid of it, that car you once were in love with still has potential to redefine itself. If your paint has lost its shine, be sure to look into our paint restoration service. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to buy a new car, choose to get a full service detail. A full detail will restore your vehicle back to its newest form and make you fall in love with it all over again.


 The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary

Wash Me Mobile Detailing

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We want to build a great experience, so customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.

QuickE $15

Exterior Wash (QuickE)- $15
-Touchless Wash
-Wheel and Rim Shine
-Streakless Window Clean

Great Wash if you’re the type to keep your interior clean but just need some help with the exterior. These washes take on average 15 minutes so it’s great for when you’re on the go.

The San Diegan $30

Full Auto Wash (The San Diegan)- $30 for individuals, $25 for corporations (Plus $10 for large vehicles)
-Exterior Wash- Wax Soap Dionized Water, Streakless Window Shine, Tire Dressing, Brake-off Rims.
-Full Interior Cleaning- Dashboard, Center Console, Cup Holders and Vacuum.
-Popular Add Ons:
-Headlight Restoration: $25 each headlight.
-Carpet Shampoo: $50
-Leather Conditioner: $30
-Interior Degreaser: $20
-McGuires Hand Wax: $40

The San Diegan is our most popular wash. Our customers can enjoy a full wash at their own convenience for a low price. This wash is great for individuals who like to maintain a clean car, inside and out. We use de-ionized water and micro fiber towels to clean your vehicle without damage. Our products will ensure that your vehicle maintains a clean shine for a much longer period of time than if you washed your car yourself. Our services provide consistent quality and we guarantee the San Diegan will leave your vehicle spotless and streak-free. This is a great wash for individuals who want to maintain the flawless appearance of their vehicle after a full service detail has been completed.

The Freshness $120

Interior Detail (The Freshness)- $120 (L-XL Autos plus $10-$15)
-Exterior Wash
-Interior Degreaser. Removes built up stains that are commonly found in cup holder, ash trays and center console. Restores the upholstery to its newest form
-Carpet Shampoo- Hot water extractor, Removes stains, Kills bacteria and removes odor.
-Leather Conditioner (optional)- Cleans, moisterizes and protects leather.

This wash removes all allergens and dust bites that may have accumulated in your vehicle. After all the stains and dirt particles have been removed, you will have that “new car” feeling again. If you feel like your car is filled with clutter, this is a great way to clean your car and get things organized. This is also a great wash for individuals who are looking to resale their vehicle as well.

The Sunday Cruiser $200

Exterior Detail (The Sunday Cruiser)- $200 (plus $10 for large vehicles)
-Exterior Wash
-Full Interior Dust and Vacuum
-Clay Bar Treatment
-Wax Finish- McGuires Carnuba Wax

Our exterior detail package includes a Clay Bar treatment that cleans your paint deep down to its finest dirt particles. After the clay bar treatment is complete, you will immediately discover your paint is silky smooth. This treatment restores your paint back to its newest form and will remain clean for approx. 4-6 months. The clay bar treatment is followed by a polish then a wax to bring the paint to a nice shine. This service will create a shine to the paint that will make other cars look dull, so you may come off a bit of a showoff to others.

The Showcar $300

Full Detail (The Showcar)- $300 (plus $10 for large vehicles)
-QuickE Wash
-Interior Degreaser
-Carpet Shampoo
-Leather Conditioner
-Clay Bar Treatment
-Wax Finish

Our full detail package is the best way to restore your car to brand new. If you like to enjoy your vehicle to its best condition, a full detail is exactly what you need. We guarantee a spotless interior cleaning and a flawless shine to your exterior. After this detail, your car will be set to compete with the Showcars that are displayed at auto shows.

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  • Michael McQueen

    “I couldn’t be happier with the job you did on my car. It looks great. Thanks so much for your great service and I will certainly call you in the future.”

    Michael McQueen
  • Natasha A.

    “I told everyone how wonderful you guys are and how impressed I was with your customer service.”

    Natasha A.
  • Michael McQueen

    “I couldn’t be happier with the job you did on my car. It looks great. Thanks so much for your great service and I will certainly call you in the future.”

    Michael McQueen
  • Natasha A.

    “I told everyone how wonderful you guys are and how impressed I was with your customer service.”

    Natasha A.

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